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Houseplant Refreshing

Houseplant Refreshing

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**Currently only available for booking at your home**  
There will be an additional $25 (+0.50 per mile 10 miles outside of 30310) travel fee at this time. 

Refreshing your plants soil by adding a top layer of organic soil mixed with nutrients, slow release plant food, and systemic granules (for pest control).   Once you top water your plant, the nutrients will trickle down into existing soil giving your plant an extra boost.  This is idea for plants that are doing well but haven't been repotted in a while. Or if you have repotted but may not have added any additional nutrients.

4 - 6"  : $4 per pot

8 - 10" : $6 per pot

12 - 14" :  $8 per pot

16 - 20" : $10 per pot

20"+ : please contact

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