LITHOPS aka Living Stones


4-5 hours of early sunlight, & partial shade in the afternoon. South or east window is an ideal spot.


Allow soil to dry out completely - 100% between waterings

Only water during growing season:

  • Late spring (approx. end of April)  to summer (approx. beginning of June). 
  • Late summer (approx. Sept) - early fall (approx. Oct).

These are general guidelines as it depends on what zone you live in. Typically during dormancy lithops are splitting or flowers are dying off.

Lithops thrive in a dry environment and should not be watered during dormancy.

The best way to tell if a lithop needs water is when it is wrinkled and feels squishy. Lithops tend to be firm to the squeeze normally.

Additional light watering during dormancy may be done only if the lithops have begun to wrinkle and/or get soft.


Can tolerate temperatures from 50-80°F.