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Top 5 Indoor Houseplants

Updated: Nov 10, 2023

Woman holding cactus
Woman holding cactus

Every human being on the earth wakes up to a day and works hard to achieve their dreams and fulfill their aspirations consistently. As a result of this busy modern life, people are deviating and disconnecting from nature. In the olden days, every home is filled with plants and trees. Here are the top 5 plants that are suitable for the home.

1. Aloe Vera

The common plant that you can buy from online shopping sites is Aloe Vera. It is the best plant online which is filled with health benefits. Aloe Vera is also called the oxygen Bomb which is popular for the production of a large amount of supporting gas compared to other indoor plants.

Aloe Vera is commonly used for healing and curing skin burns. The Aloe Vera is also able to remove toxins like formaldehyde which are present in the air. It can release more oxygen to its surrounding place. The Aloe Vera will grow in more sunlight and less water. If you place the Aloe Vera in the bedroom, you will be able to obtain tremendous health benefits.

2. Snake Plant

Scientifically named a sansevieria and commonly called a snake plant is one of the top indoor home plants. It also helps to remove the toxic elements present in the air. It mostly removes the formaldehyde and nitrogen that is present in the inside air at home.

The snake plant demands only less space in your home and needs low maintenance. This is one of the air purifier plants which takes less sunlight and low level of water quantity to survive. It can be either placed in the living room or bedroom. The snake plant is also available with more health benefits.

3. Spider Plant

In the indoor plants online list, you can also place the spider plant. The spider plant also comes under the category of air-purifying plants. It is the most rated plant which is removing the voltage organic compounds like benzene, formaldehyde, carbon monoxide and xylene. All these voltage organic compounds are causing health-related problems to the Kids and aged people in the family.

So placing the snake plant in the home garden will help you to get rid of the toxic components and purifies the air. The snake plant is also known as an airplane plant that will come under decorative house plant also. The most suitable place for placing the snake plant is the living space in your home. The snake plant requires less sunlight but you have to pour two to three times of water in a single day.

4. Bamboo Plant

Is it possible to obtain the notable growth from the bamboo plant at your home? Of course yes! The bamboo plant will come under the category of a lucky plant. The people believe that the bamboo plant is their lucky charm. So you can see these lucky bamboo plants in many home gardens.

The bamboo plant requires less space and bungled together with a ribbon. It also requires less maintenance. The bamboo plants are the good purifiers of air. It is maintaining the balance between the elements that are presented in the home like wood, metal, earth, water, and fire. It also spreads positive energy to your home and makes your wishes come true.

5. Golden Pothos

Golden pothos are the most recommended indoor plants that can be planted in every home garden. It is a decorative plant and adds additional beauty to the living spaces. It also improves the oxygen circulation in your home. You need not find a pot to place this plant. You can hang this plant in your balcony or home garden area. So the space occupation of the plant is zero. The people are also presenting this plant to their loved ones.

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