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Return Policy

Return Policy

Plants are alive! We take special care in store to ensure that you are purchasing a plant that is a good fit for your space. Our staff is knowledgeable and ready to help answer any and all questions you have to avoid unnecessary plant suffering as much as possible. We want you to love your plant and have it for a long time! 


We acknowledged that due to the unpredictable nature of living things, sometimes you can do everything right and something still goes wrong. This is why we request that if you have any questions or issues with your recent plant purchase, please email us at ASAP! We are always happy to help!


99% of the time, questions regarding recent plant purchases come during the first three weeks to three months of plant parenthood due to normal acclimation stress.


Plants are on a different time scale than us and take a while to figure out their new space. If you can imagine, plants do not really have a concept of moving around so every time we change their environment they tend to get stressed out! 

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