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What To Do When Repotting: So You Don't Unalive Them

It’s repotting season & repotting is one of those basic plant parent skills that will have you questioning your whole life.

There are a few things you should consider when repotting, so let’s jump in!

You should try and repot at most once a year to refresh the potting mix for its benefits, but if the roots are not root bound and your plant is healthy & happy every other year will do just fine.

Sizing up one pot size (4” ➡️ 6” & so on…)is ideal IF you need to size up. Sometimes the same pot size is okay or you can trim roots if you don’t want to size up.

Ensure you choose quality soil & mix! Chunky soil allows the plant roots to breathe and oxygen is the key to healthy roots.

When done placing your plant baby in its new home immediately water VERY well. I can’t stress this enough. Plant roots were exposed to air, and new soil is typically dry. Watering thoroughly will your plant doesn’t dry out, stress out, and ensure the soil sticks to the roots. Adding nutrients will help prevent shock.

Are you going to be repotting this spring? Tell me about it!

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